Specialised asset manager

Our sole investment focus is risk-sharing transactions on performing credit portfolios with European financial institutions. We believe that investors benefit from the expertise of specialised managers.


Our senior deal originators have over 70 years of combined capital market experience and have worked on over 60 risk-sharing transactions since 2001. Our investment team has over 16 years of credit market experience on average.


Our team has a rare combination of experience in bank treasury, capital management, portfolio management and risk management. In particular, we have in-depth understanding of the needs and constraints of European financial institutions.


We have a holistic perspective of the risk-sharing opportunity. We analyse and identify specific capital management needs for a range of European financial institution and adopt a solutions-based approach to source investments.


We apply a rigorous investment process based on our ability to due diligence financial institutions and underwrite credit portfolios both fundamentally and from a macro standpoint. Each investments is stress-tested to assess its resilience to tail loss scenarios.